MeshPy: A general purpose 3D beam finite element input generator

MeshPy is a general purpose 3D beam finite element input generator written in python3. It contains basic geometry creation and manipulation functions to create complex beam geometries, including rotational degrees of freedom for the beam nodes. It is currently used in combination with the academic finite element solver BACI, but can easily be adapted to create input files for other solvers as well. MeshPy is developed at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer-Based Simulation (IMCS) at the Universität der Bundeswehr München.

Download MeshPy

A clone of the current MeshPy master branch is hosted on GitHub.

How to cite MeshPy?

Whenever you use or mention MeshPy in some sort of scientific document/publication/presentation, please cite MeshPy as follows:

Steinbrecher, I., Popp, A.: MeshPy -- A general purpose 3D beam finite element input generator,

With the following BiBTeX entry:

  author       = {Steinbrecher, I. and Popp, A.},
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Main developer

Ivo Steinbrecher

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

Dao Viet Anh

Nora Hagmeyer

Matthias Mayr


Journal publications in which MeshPy has been used:



Examples created using MeshPy

Fiber reinforced composite plate:


Fiber reinforced pipe under pressure:


Fiber reinforcements of a twisted plate: